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7/9 Update
By Purplewind, Jul 9, 11 10:52 PM

Ranks were revamped, and there is no longer a cereal killer rank. Now there are two alt ranks: one for members and one for officers.

4/22 Update.
By Purplewind, Apr 22, 11 12:43 PM

Hey guys, just a few things I'd like you all to be aware of:

  • PvE and PvP Leaders have been canceled, as has TBC Raiding. Not enough guild support was there, so they both were canceled.

  • New rank "Trial" was added at the bottom for members who join whil... Read More

    By Purplewind, Feb 27, 11 3:40 AM

    New News:

    Sich is our new PvP Leader, so grats to her. Betterun is our new PvE Leader, so grats to him.

    Raids will be held every Saturday at 6 PM Server Time on Sundays, starting March 5th. Attendence is compulsory, and if 2 raids are missed without a reasonable excuse, then conseque... Read More

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